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SST28 Near Infrared LightRed Light & Near Infrared Light Therapy

Red Light & Near Infrared Light Therapy

Smart Sun Therapy on North 19th Avenue
Optimize cellular performance for an endless list of benefits.
  • Aid in post-workout muscle recovery
  • Reduce inflammation, chronic or arthritic pain
  • Promote collagen production to improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Even out complexion for more radiant skin
  • Enhance tanning results
...and so much more! Stop in today to learn more about our package and membership options.
Equipment Detail
Soltron Mango Tango Tanning BedBRONZE Beds


Level One
Low wattage beds that will gradually help you build up a base tan. A great starting place for those who are new to tanning, or for more fair-skinned tanners who are getting back into their color building routine. 

-15 Minute Beds
-100w-120w lamps
Equipment Detail
KBL 3500 Super Power with FacialsSILVER Beds


Level Two
Moderately low wattage, more concentrated base-building beds. See your color appear faster and more efficiently as you begin tanning.

-15 Minute Beds with Specialty Face Lamps
-10 Minute Stand Up Booths (N. 19th Ave)
-120w-160w Lamps
Equipment Detail
UWE Silver Bullet Tanning BedGOLD Beds


Level Three
A mid-wattage transitional bed which will continue building up your base, while darkening your existing tan. A significant jump upwards in both comfort and intensity from both Bronze & Silver, in which you will see faster, more dramatic color. 

-9-10 Minute Stand Up Booths
-12 Minute Beds with Specialty Face Lamps
-160w-200w Lamps
-AquaCool Mist (S. 23rd Ave)

Equipment Detail
KBL 5600 Alpha Tanning BedPLATINUM Beds


Level Four
Higher wattage darkening light which will work with your existing base tan to promote deeper, darker color. Contoured or Frosted bed acrylics will give you a more even color, while added comfort features create a more luxurious tanning session.

-10-12 Minute Bed with Specialty Face Lamps
-8 Minute Stand Up Booth with Specialty Face Lamps (S. 23rd Ave only)
-180w-225w lamps
-Hybrid UV/Red Light Therapy (N. 19th Ave)
-AquaCool Mist & Aromatherapy (S. 23rd Ave)

Equipment Detail
UWE P90 Tanning BedDIAMOND Beds


Level Five
The ultimate in tanning luxury. Our most powerful equipment for your deepest, darkest, and longest-lasting color. 
-10-15 Minute Beds
-200w-250w Body Lamps
-500w-1000w Specialty Face Lamps
-Hybrid UV/Red Light Therapy (N. 19th Ave)
-Exclusively High Pressure (99.99% UVA light) (N. 19th Only)
-AquaCool Mist & Aromatherapy

Equipment Detail
VersaPRO (19th Ave)VersaSpaPRO Sunless System

VersaSpaPRO Sunless System

Ultra-customizable spray tanning
- 5 Shades
- 2 Undertones
- Pre-Treatment Primer
- Post-Treatment Moisturizer
- Full Body, Body + 2X Legs, Legs Only, or Face Only

Single Visits, 5 Session Packages, 3 & 6 Month Memberships Available!

Equipment Detail
Ergoline Prestige 1600 HybridHybrid Beds: UV & Red Light

Hybrid Beds: UV & Red Light

Perfect your complexion while you tan!
Skin perfecting beauty light promotes a healthy-looking, supple, and more youthful complexion. Red Light Therapy provides your cells with energy (ATP), which improves cellular performance and may aid in:
  • Reducing the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, hyperpigmentation and scarring
  • Promotion of hair growth
  • Accelerating melanin production
  • Calming inflammation
& more!

Equipment Detail
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